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Our City operates under a Council-Manager form of government and has done so since 1932. The two major components to this system of government are the City Council; and a City Manager. The City Council is the legislative body, establishing City policies, while the City Manager is the administrator, designated to carry out the directives of the Council. Our City’s City Council consists of a Mayor elected at large and six Council Members elected by district. The Mayor and Council Members serve 4 year terms.
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The Administrative Services Department is responsible for the management of the procurement process, protection of the city’s physical assets and related support services for citizens and city operations.
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The Budget Office, a part of the Financial Services Department, is responsible for preparing and monitoring the City of Frisco’s Annual Budget. Find quick access to city budgets and budget meeting presentations.
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Learn more about applying for a building permit for your next project, as well as finding information for contractors.
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Safety Town Presented By Texas Health Hospital Frisco, a unique, miniature town located next to Central Fire Station, is dedicated to providing hands-on learning opportunities for children in the community.
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Learn more about parks and trails, athletic and fitness programs, park facility rentals and other recreational opportunities in Frisco.
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Register an account, find details involving your utility statement and make payments online.
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Learn how to conserve and use water wisely.
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Find resources related to your trash and recycling needs and learn ways to keep Frisco environmentally friendly through community programs.
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Animal Services accomplishes the goals of protecting public safety and ensuring animal welfare through compassionate, responsive, professional enforcement of the laws and public policy.
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