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The City of La Malbaie offers taxpayers an urban planning service for everything related to the protection of the environment, the issuance of permits, the application of municipal regulations and all municipal services, as well as consultation and information related to municipal zoning.

Considering that some work may require our inspectors to visit a property, it is best to make an appointment at (418) 665-3747 before coming to city hall.

Please note that it is very important before starting work on your property, to check if it is necessary to obtain a permit or a certificate of authorization in order to carry out this work. In the event that you perform work without a permit, you will be subject to the penalties provided for in the regulations.

Click here for a list of permit applications


Certain sectors of the City are subject to the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (P.I.I.A.) by-law. For these sectors, the application for a permit or certificate of authorization will be studied by the Planning Advisory Committee, which will make a recommendation to City Council for final approval.

It should be noted that the Planning Advisory Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month, thus requiring additional time for the issuance of a permit or certificate of authorization; consequently, it is recommended that you request your permit application 30 to 45 days before starting your work.

For more information please contact one of our inspectors as soon as possible.

Simon Villeneuve

Directeur urbanisme
et assistant greffier

418-665-3747 poste 5204
Télécopieur : 418-665-4935
email : simon.villeneuve@ville.lamalbaie.qc.ca

Nadine Bélanger


418-665-3747 poste 5208
Télécopieur : 418-665-4935
email : nadine.belanger@ville.lamalbaie.qc.ca

Julien Lavoie


418-665-3747 poste 5206
Télécopieur : 418-665-4935
email : julien.lavoie@ville.lamalbaie.qc.ca