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A Word from our Mayor

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On the eve of this new mandate on the City Council of La Malbaie, I wish to take the opportunity to sincerely thank my fellow citizens for the honor and privilege they have granted me for a second term. Receiving such a great mark of confidence, both for the counselors who had been in office for four years and for myself, confirms the close relationship that has been established between you and your municipal council. Rest assured that we will still have the same desire to be your devoted representatives and make decisions that are in line with your best interests.

The situation in La Malbaie is quite different today than it was in November 2013. The current climate is more positive and suggests great challenges that are much more stimulating than at that previous times. Several private investments are currently under way and many more being prepared, creating new jobs for people here: projects showcasing our beautiful city, development projects that will improve and secure our public places, in a constant concern for sustainable development.

We will also benefit from an extraordinary showcase on the world next June during the G7 Summit along with the seven largest industrialized countries coming to our city. Another great opportunity is the arrival of a world-class player, the Club Med, at the Massif de Charlevoix with its huge international attraction. Our challenge will be to make the best gains from these investments, both in terms of our notoriety and financial plan.

Charlevoix is ​​now a large region that interests more and more people and businesses around the world. Our success will depend on how we succeed in working together developing our full potential.

The city council of such an important centre still plays a vital role in defending issues that have an impact on the whole of its region. This is the case with the La Malbaie Hospital, the Pointe-au-Pic Wharf and the development of the Le Havre site near the Musée de Charlevoix. These projects are ambitious and we must remain very vigilant, but fortunately, we are much more confident about their outcome, which will benefit all citizens of our MRC.

Your City Councillors are ready to face all of these challenges with their experience, the team spirit that inspires us, and our full confidence in our municipal employees, skilfully led by Me Caroline Tremblay, our Executive Director.

We all share a great passion for OUR wonderful city where the quality of life is second to none. Together, we will succeed to make this jewel that is La Malbaie even more spectacular.


Mayor of La Malbaie


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