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The Municipal Council

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The municipal council is a group of seven people (a mayor and six councillors) who are elected by universal suffrage.

The Mayor chairs City Council meetings and is a member ex officio on all committees. He also represents the City of La Malbaie on the council of mayors of the Municipalité régionale de Charlevoix-Est.


The Municipal Council is a deliberative assembly whose elected representatives determine objectives, orientations, priorities and general policies of the municipality and the means which will be implemented for their outcome.

In addition, the council makes the decisions relating to the administration and services to be offered to its population. It adopts municipal by-laws, approves the budget and sets tax rates, decides on the loans to be made and appoints the executive director and the other employees. Elected by the citizens, it is accountable to them for its decisions and must ensure the rational use of public funds.

The elected officials of the City of La Malbaie have a code of ethics and professional conduct, in accordance with the requirements of the law. This code is binding on elected officials and employees of the organization.

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The City is a corporation that exercises its powers by passing resolutions and by-laws. Any decision of the board must be dealt with according to one or another of these methods of exercise.


The Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (LERM) provides for general municipal elections to be held in all Québec municipalities, on the first Sunday of November, every four years. 2017 was the last year of municipal general elections. The next municipal general election will therefore be held on Sunday, November 7, 2021.

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