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The City's Emblems and Logos

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The City’s Emblems



The lily flowers represent the origins of the French-Canadian pioneers who came to Canada to build our homeland today. They also recall the origins of the population of La Malbaie.

History of the Corporation of the City of La Malbaie

The eagle resting on a mountain top swept by a moving sea; charged with three golden fleurs de lys.

Exterior Ornamentation

The whole supported by two green maple branches, crossed and tied with a ribbon, retaining a parchment laden with the motto in Gothic letters: "In Fide Plantati and Radicati".

Male baie eventually became "Malbaie". The word "male" is an old adjective, which meant "bad". The eagle forbids anyone else to cast anchor in La Malbaie.

The eagle being an aggressive and strong animal demonstrates the tenacity and the strength of our regional population.

The mountains represent the location of La Malbaie nestled between the St-Lawrence River and the Laurentians.

Maple leaves are the official emblem of Canada.

The motto: "In Fide Plantati and Radicati" means "Planted and Rooted in Faith" relating to the faith of French-Canadian ancestors and the population of La Malbaie.