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Municipal Election

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Information regarding the 6 electoral districts is available by consulting this document where you will find the complete description of the 6 districts by street name.

You can also consult By-law no. 1032-16 concerning the territorial division of the City of La Malbaie in six (6) electoral districts.

Candidates - If you wish to apply -  click here 

Election Calendar - click here

To know the main lines of the 2017 electoral calendar, click on the following link: http://presentezvous.gouv.qc.ca/je-minforme/calendrier-electoral-2017/

To obtain the form in order to submit your nomination, click on the following link:

/public_upload/files/Formulaires/SM-29-FIN (6).pdf



Period for Filing a Nomination Statement:

From September 22 to October 6, 2017 (the October 6 schedule is from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm uninterrupted)

Review Committee: October 16 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, October 19 from 7 pm to 10 pm and October 23 from 10 am to 1 pm

Advance Poll: October 29, 2017

Mobile Poll: October 30, 2017

Voting Day: November 5, 2017

General Information

The next municipal general election will be held on November 5, 2017.

Here are some important facts about the municipal elections:

The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec wishes to inform you of your right to vote. We invite you to consult the elector's manual.

If you wish to have more information concerning the 6 electoral districts, please consult this document to have the complete description of the 6 districts by street name.

Voting by correspondence: The Municipal Council of the City of La Malbaie has adopted on April 10, 2017 a resolution authorizing the holding of the postal vote for non-residents in the November 5, 2017 election.  

Registered as Non-domiciled on the List of Electors.

Persons registered as non-residents on the list of electors who wish to vote by mail must apply by completing form SMRC-9.1 (section 2) or the SMRC-9.2 (section 2).

Mobile Poll:

If you are staying or living in a health facility or private seniors' residence and are unable to come to the poling station, you can ask to vote in your room or apartment.

To vote, you must meet the following conditions:

Be 18 years old on polling day as of September 1, 2017:

Be a Canadian citizen

Not to be under curatorship;

To be domiciled or deemed to be domiciled in the territory of the municipality;

To have lived in Québec for six months;

To be registered on the list of electors.

If you wish to vote at the mobile poll, you must complete the following form and we must receive it no later than September 23, 2017 (Request to vote at a mobile polling station).

Elector not domiciled: The elector not domiciled in the municipality but is an owner of a building or occupying a business establishment located on the territory of the municipality, the elector must submit a signed document to the municipality asking to add his name on the list of electors. Here is the form to complete to make the request.