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Volunteer firefighters

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Volunteer firefighters 

The protection of the population during a fire is provided by volunteer firefighters of the fire department of the City of La Malbaie. In addition, to working on fire prevention and fighting fires on its territory, the service is involved in other emergencies to protect human lives and limit material losses.

In order to answer calls, the City relies on a team of volunteer firefighters that it trains at its expense. If you are interested in a job as a volunteer firefighter, here are the details of the Fireman 1 training Program.

Recruitment takes place every autumn.

The Firefighter Program 1 allows future firefighters to acquire basic firefighting skills and to respond to various emergency calls.

Description of the program:

The main topics covered by this training:

Initiation to the Job of Firefighter;

Control of Water Related Equipment;

Behavior and Intervention According to the Phases of Fire;

Use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus;

Use of Intervention Equipment

Knowledge of the Characteristics of the Territory to be Protected;

Fire Prevention Activities;

General Intervention Process;

Defensive Intervention Process in the Presence of Hazardous Materials;

Specific Intervention Process for Particular Types of Fire.

Duration of the Program:

The program has a total duration of 255 hours, it is done at your own pace by internet and is combined with practices in barracks.

For any questions regarding volunteer firefighter jobs, please contact the Human Resources Department.

If you would like more information on the Firefighter Training Program 1, click on the link.