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Burn Permit

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Burn permit

ATTENTION: Before applying for a burn permit, we strongly suggest that you read the extract from the following Fire Prevention By-law since the holder of a burn permit must meet several conditions.

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Excerpt from the Fire Prevention By-law (No. 879-08).


a) It is forbidden to make a fire in open air, either in a street or public square, or in a private courtyard or elsewhere. However, for purposes of family or municipal holidays or public events or when it is shown that there are no other reasonable means of disposing of the materials and that provisions will be made to ensure the safety of the public, a permit may be issued by the Fire Safety Director or his representative, after verification of the premises and adequate supervision by a responsible person during the open fire. The city is not responsible for damages even after the issuance of a permit.

Excluded from this section are portable appliances specifically designed for cooking using charcoal, propane or natural gas.

(b) The burn permit referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be issued by the competent authority within twenty-four (24) hours following the request. The permit issuing schedule is set by the Director of the Fire Safety Service. In order to obtain a permit, all persons must submit to the competent authority a request indicating the following information;

 - The name and address of the applicant and the name of the person responsible if it is an organization, and telephone number.

 - The projected location of the fire, the date, the time and its duration.

 - The type of fire, the combustible materials used, the diameter of the fire and the height.

 - A description of the planned security measures.

The permit is only valid for the period and person indicated on it. The permit is not transferable.

(d) The competent authority may restrict or refuse such permits if weather conditions do not permit, if the conditions specified in the permit are not complied with, if the danger has increased or if fires are forbidden by governmental authorities (provincial or federal).

e) The person to whom the authorization to light a fire in the open air is given, must at the open fire, meet the following conditions:

 - Light the fire more than twenty-five meters (25m) from a building;

 - Ignite the fire more than two hundred meters (200m) from a high or very high risk building;

 - Light the fire more than fifty meters (50m) from the vegetation and the forest;

 - Light fire in the case of tree branches and dead leaves whose accumulation is less than three meters (3m) high and three (3) meters in diameter.

 - Check, before lighting the fire and abstain from lighting if necessary, if a prohibition order to make fires in the open air was decreed by the governmental authorities (provincial or federal);

 - Be a person aged eighteen (18) and over to be constantly present throughout the duration of the fire until it is completely extinguished and be responsible for the security of the premises;

 - Have on the premises, the necessary apparatus to prevent any danger of fire;

 - Do not maintain any fire if the wind velocity exceeds 20 km / h (20 km / h);

 - Make sure the fire is out before leaving the premises;

 - To extinguish the fire during a smoke complaint annoying the neighborhood.

The fact of obtaining a permit to make an open fire does not release the person who has obtained it from his ordinary responsibilities, in the case where disbursements or damages result from the fire thus lit;

(g) The permit or the making of a recreational fire authorized by paragraphs a) and g) of this article, does not release the person who obtained it in the case of a complaint or nuisance with regard to the environment and the neighborhood. Only the Director of the Fire Safety Department or his representative, after evaluation of the complaint that is proven to be justified, may suspend the permit.

h) It is forbidden to burn any material that because of its properties poses a danger to health or the environment and that is explosive, gaseous, flammable, toxic, radioactive, corrosive, fuels, as well as any material assimilated to a substance.

i) It is forbidden to burn any prohibited substance made of plastic, treated wood, paint, stain, varnish, rubber, tire and household waste.