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Financial Data

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Budgeting is a demanding exercise in which directors of all departments are actively involved. In the fall season, several working meetings are necessary with members of the council. Rigor is required to maintain a balanced budget. Although various levels of government impose certain obligations, the maintenance of an acceptable level of taxes is the city’s primary goal. During the year, a thorough analysis is made by each service director to avoid any cost overruns. In order to do this, budgetary transfers are sometimes necessary. End-of-year forecasts are tabled at the regular meeting in November providing an overview of the results of the current year and facilitating the preparation of the next year's budget.

Several important projects are included annually for regular expenses such as sidewalk and pavement repairs, the purchase of various equipment and professional studies to carry out projects. For larger projects, government borrowing and subsidies may be required. The City regularly verifies these programs in order to benefit from them.

The budget, loans and working capital are means of financing ensuring the best possible services to the entire population.

The financial exercise begins each year during the month of September and the final budget is tabled in December.

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