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City Infrastructure and Environment

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Citizen Services:

Below is a list of events or situations for which you should contact the Public Works Department.

Requests regarding a breakage to property caused by:

Snow removal

A backflow of water

Sewer backflow

Query regarding a service:

Location of service entrance

Service entrance closure

Snow permit

Opening of service entrance

Location of water mains

Location of sewer pipes

Quality of drinking water

Repair of a lamppost

Connections: water and sewer

Breakage of a fire hydrant

Breakage of a water pipe

Damage to public roads

Maintenance of sidewalks and traffic lanes


Normal office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Emergencies and Weekend: (418) 665-3747

Useful information:

Aqueduct and Sewer:

The owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water pipes from the inside of his property to the water shutoff valve. The latter is located between the building and the City's main water main, inside a service box for which the owner is responsible.

The owner is responsible for the sanitary sewer and storm sewer, from inside the building to the main pipe under the street.

Closure and Reopening of the Water Service:

Are you doing major renovations and temporarily interrupting the water supply to your property?

Call the City at least 48 hours in advance. This will enable the city to check the status of your service box where your water inlet is located.

Connection or Disconnection of the Water Service:

Do you plan to connect a new water service or disconnect an existing one? Call the City at least 48 hours in advance to make sure the work is done at the desired time.

Water Leak:

If you hear a hissing sound like an open faucet, but in fact none is open, it is likely that there will be a water leak on your pipe or the City's. Or if you notice a significant water leak on the street or on your property, call Public Works immediately at (418) 665-3747 # 5220. Your call could help the City limit the damage and start necessary repairs more efficiently.

Sewer Backup:

First call a certified plumber. He will determine the source of the problem and tell you if you need to call the City.

Frozen Pipes:

You must first contact a certified plumber who will determine if the problem is domestic or municipal. In the latter case, call the City.

Excavation Work:

Before excavating, check that there are no pipes or cables buried where you want to excavate.

Parking Prohibited on the Streets during the Winter Season:

It is forbidden to park on the streets of the city between November and March to facilitate snow removal during this period.

Urgent Issues:

You can report an urgent water and sewer problem to the City at any time by calling 418-665-3747 # 5220. Outside of business hours, follow the instructions provided by the telephone messaging service to reach the service.