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Taxes and Assessments

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You can look up the municipal assessment of a property by clicking here.

On October 31st 2016, a new property assessment role was presented for the years 2017-2018-2019.

The property assessment is an inventory of all properties located on our city's territory. It includes residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties.

The summary of the land role indicates the value of properties as of January 1st, 2017 at $ 894 969 700

These values ​​are expressed as follows:

  Unités Valeur imposable Valeur non-imposable
Rôle foncier 5 602 799 206 020 $ 95 762 680 $

Total number of dwellings is 4,826.

To find out how to challenge your evaluation click here.


The new tax year begins in February. Statements are dated February 28th and can be paid in 4 installments.

Your tax statement will show the value of property, the name of the property owner, the value and address of the property, the roll number and  the name of the organization responsible for the evaluation and procedures to follow in case you wish a review.

The annual tax bill is payable in six installments if the amount is over 300 $
• The first installment or first payment is on the thirtieth day following the mailing of the statement, or on the 30th of March for an annual tax bill;
• The second installment is on the thirty-first day following the first installment on April 30th for an annual tax bill;
• The third installment is the thirty-second day following the second installment on June 1st for an annual tax bill;
• The fourth installment is the thirtieth day after the third installment on the 1st of July for an annual tax bill;
• The fifth installment is the sixty-second day following the fourth installment on the 1st of October for an annual tax bill;
• The sixth installment is the thirtieth day after the fifth installment on the 1st of October for an annual tax bill;

For a tax statement on the 28th of February, installments are as follows:

• 1st installment: March 30th
• 2nd installment: April 30th
• 3rd installment: June 1st
• 4th installment: July 1st
• 5th installment: September 1st
• 6th installment: October 1st

Adjustments and various accounts are due throughout the year. If the amount is $300, it is payable in six installments.

There are many ways you can pay your account:
• At the counter
• At the bank
• At the Caisse populaire
• By post
• By postdated check
• By preauthorized payment
• By Internet

Receipts are given only on request.

It is important to use your number appearing on submittal coupons for all your transactions.

Late Payments

Interest charges of 9% will be added by the City of Malbaie starting from the date indicated on your account.

New Senior's Assistance Program for Municipal Taxes

During its speech on the budget of March 26th 2015, the Government announced that as of January 1st, a new governmental aid program would help seniors pay their municipal taxes.

Click on this link for more information

Seniors Assistance Program for the Payment of Municipal Taxes