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SDC de Pointe-au-Pic

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Pointe-au-Pic Business Development Corporation

The CDS is a group of business people, recognized by the municipality, which, alone or in collaboration with other partners in the community, aims to promote economic vitality through its initiatives and to promote economic, commercial, cultural and cultural development. in the territory where it has jurisdiction.

The Pointe-au-Pic TCS works in tandem with the City's revitalization committee, RevitalizationAction La Malbaie. Together, they tie up their actions in order to contribute to the physical beautification of the area, to economically promote the places of business as well as to animate the sector as a whole.

Mission and objectives of the SDC

Volunteers on the board of the SDC have given themselves the mission of ensuring the economic vitality of the Pointe-au-Pic sector in respect with its rich history and uniqueness.

The SDC has the following objectives:

Promote businesses in the sector
Increase local and tourism traffic by supporting targeted activities for this clientele.
Encourage the diversity and complementarity of the commercial offer of the sector in respect of its niche related to the resort
Become actively involved in strategic development projects

Composition of the council

The Pointe-au-Pic TCS is maintained by a board of directors elected from the sector's commercial members. Volunteers, they are representative of the businesses found in Pointe-au-Pic:

President David Cloutier, Auberge des Falaises

Secretary Annie Breton, Musée de Charlevoix

Treasurer Stéphane Geffard, Maison des Rives

Directors Arnaud Deillhy, Auberge la Châtelaine

Jean-François Dumais, Allégro Restaurant

Roland Martel, councilor of Pointe-au-Pic sector, City of La Malbaie

Marc Douesnard, Boutique Indigène 

Merchants in Pointe-au-Pic are encouraged to get involved in the activities of the TCS; we encourage you to be part of it!

Main objectives of the short-term action plan

Promote and represent the interests of the sector in future projects: tourist train, cruise ships, park at the quay road, interpretation of built and natural heritage
Focus on communicating with residents, our members and the population of the City of La Malbaie about the services offered by our members, the diversity and richness of our natural environment
Integrate our members in the activities of RevitalisAction La Malbaie and the City of La Malbaie to benefit from the synergy in place
Develop an annual program of activities

Contact :

Facebook SDC de Pointe-au-Pic
By email: directiongenerale@bellnet.ca
By mail: Pointe-au-Pic Commercial Development Corporation
9 Warren Street
La Malbaie, QC G5A 2Z8