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SDC Centreville

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The SDC of downtown La Malbaie covers all businesses located on the other side of the street Saint-Etienne. It also includes those who have their facade on the Boulevard de Comporté, the restaurant "Subway / Pizza Mania", until "Alexandre Couturier and son".

Composition of the Board of Directors (C.A.)
7 directors compose the C.A. of the SDC:

5 of these are elected by the members;
One is appointed by the council;
One is appointed by the municipality (municipal councilor).
Current directors:

Éric Savard, President

Nancy Giguère, Vice President

Yves Bélanger, Secretary-Treasurer

Eric Bertrand, Director

Marie-France Perron, Administrator
Érick Tremblay, Director
Jacques Tremblay, Councilor for the downtown area
His role

The role of the downtown SDC is to ensure the economic development of its territory by promoting the interests of its members. It also organizes promotional activities on the street as well as improving the physical aspect of public and commercial spaces.

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