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In case of flood warning:

Floods can occur in any season. They usually occur when the snow melts and during heavy rains. Some water damage can be prevented and limited by a backflow valve. This is a device that prevents water from an overloaded main sewer connection or septic tank from backing up into the basement. The valve closes automatically when the sewage is discharged. Ask a plumbing specialist for more information.

In the fall, clean the gutters, drains and remove any leaves that may be there. If the manhole is draining, contact your municipality.


Store objects that are in the basement or on the ground floor in higher places if possible;

Plug the drain of the basement;

Shut off gas and electricity. If the water has started to rise, make sure you have your feet on a dry surface and use a wooden stick to turn off the power;

Follow the unfolding events of the situation on radio, television or internet;

Observe the transmitted safety instructions.


 Leave your home if the water level requires you to do so or if the authorities request it;

Carry your emergency kit and essentials with you;

Notify city authorities where you are going if you do not go to a disaster service center.


Consult an electrician before reconnecting power;

Consult a heating specialist before restarting the heaters;

Contact your municipality to make sure the water in the aqueduct is drinkable. If in doubt, boil it for five minutes. If your water comes from a well, have it analyzed before drinking it;

Make an inventory of the damage to your home, with photos or video support. Inform your municipality and your insurer;

Discard all foods and medicines that have come into contact with water;

Pay attention to the presence of mold (musty smell, earth or alcohol, green or black stains on the floor or walls) that can lead to health problems;

Clean contaminated parts: remove water and discard all absorbent materials such as plasterboard, mineral wool, carpet, pressed wood, etc .;

Sterilize contaminated kitchen items with boiling water.

For large-scale cleaning or renovation work, consult a specialized company.

For further information consult the website of the Ministère de la Protection Civile.