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Do I need a permit?

The City of La Malbaie has implemented specific regulations for its territory. Consequently, before building or taking on any project, it is important to check the legality of changes you wish to make to your property.

The following table contains a list (non-exhaustive) of changes necessitating a construction permit or certificate of authorization. You will also find forms and general information in relation to these.

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What happens once you have applied for a permit?

Analysis of your Request

After your permit request has been made, an inspector will analyse your documents submitted before delivering proper authorizations. In this case, it is important to present the completed form with all your documents and plans required as well as payment. An incomplete permit request will result in delaying the delivery of your permit. Once the inspector has verified compliance in your permit request, he will provide the necessary authorizations.

Permits subjected to a zone under the Plan d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale (PIIA)

If you reside in a zone identified by Règlement sur les PIIA, most of your requests for permits or certificates will have to be presented to a consulting committee on urbanism, then the city council for approval.

Delay in Emitting Permits or Certificates:

The maximum delay for emitting a permit or certificate is thirty (30) days from the moment the request for the permit was presented and completed. If your request is subjected to PIIA approval, the delay will be longer. If is important that you take into account these delays while project planning.

For more information or to make an appointment please call 418-665-3747 or email: Nadine.belanger@ville.lamalbaie.qc.ca or Julien.lavoie@ville.lamalbaie.qc.ca



This search engine contains a repertory of permits and licences necessary for running a business in Québec. These permits are delivered by one of these governing bodies:  municipal, provincial and federal. Many municipalities in Québec will now add to this search engine their own permits. This site is run by PerLE. For more information or to find permits and licences delivered in other provinces and territories in Canada, consult the PerLE website.