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A Diversified Economy

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From its origin, La Malbaie becomes a city of services. A village area appears at the beginning of the 19th century at the mouth of the Rivière Malbaie. There are general stores, specialty shops, craft stalls, professional offices such as doctors, notaries or lawyers whose presence is favored by the opening of a courthouse in La Malbaie (between 1859 and 1862). An institutional core is created on Saint-Étienne Street near the parish church (built around 1805 and burned in 1949 and replaced by the current church dating from 1952), the Convent of the Sisters of Charity of Québec (opened in 1876) dedicated to the education of young girls and that of the Marist Brothers (opened in 1901) for boys, as well as St. Joseph's Hospital (dating from 1942). The downtown area of ​​La Malbaie is thriving with commercial activities becoming the most important service center of Charlevoix. In 1975, the Place Charlevoix Shopping Center opens its doors on the new de Comporté Blvrd along the river. Today, some revitalization is needed to the downtown area of ​​La Malbaie, a process underway considering a beautiful commercial future in an area steeped in history.

Much of the territory of the current Municipality of La Malbaie has long been used for farming. This vocation has diminished somewhat over time. Some industries had also settled in La Malbaie and included the poultry farm La Poulette Grise and the Reynolds Aluminum Cable Factory, but these companies are now closed.

Tourism and resorts are found more particularly in the sector of Pointe-au-Pic and also that of Cap-à-l'Aigle. Noteworthy is the Manoir Richelieu whose first building was erected in 1900 and the current building of this hotel which was reopened in 1929. The era of the Saguenay Cruiseline from the mid-19th century to 1965 brought an international tourist clientele to Pointe-au-Pic and the famous des Falaises Blvrd was then populated by distinguished vacation residences. In 1994, the Casino de Charlevoix opened its doors. Tourism remains an essential vocation in La Malbaie.

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