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Boiling Water Advisories

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Directives during a Boiling Water Advisory

What should you do?

A boil water advisory may be issued as a preventive measure by management in charge of the distribution system if there is a risk of contamination due to repair work on water mains.

Bottled water or water that has been previously boiled for one minute can be used for the following purposes until the safety advisory has changed:

Drinking water or beverage preparation
Drinking water and food preparation for infants
Washing and preparation of raw foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.)
Food preparation that does not require extensive cooking (canned soups, deserts, etc.)
Ice cubes

Teeth brushing and oral hygiene
Discard ice cubes (do not forget refrigerator reservoirs), drinks and foods prepared with water from the faucet before the boiled water advisory

You can use non-boiled tap water for:

Washing dishes in hot water ensuring that they have been dried properly;
Clothes laundering, showering and bathing. As for young children, precautions must be applied to ensure they have not swallowed bath water or you may wash them with a facecloth.

Schools, Businesses, and Institutions

Advise customers that water is not suitable for consumption.
Close all drinking fountains and post information where water is available
Display the advisory in public view.

Instructions when Boiling Water Advisory Has Been Lifted

Steps to take when a boil water advisory has been raised:

Run water from all cold water faucets for a few minutes. Follow this procedure with water fountains if required;
Empty, wash and disinfect ice making machines
Purge outdoor faucets
When using water treatment equipment, verify manufacturer’s instructions.

For additional information, please consult the MAPAQ-Ministère de L’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation de Québec web site.