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Lifestyles Senior Friendly

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Friendly Cities Policy

The City of La Malbaie participated in the MADA (Municipalité amie des aînés initiative collectively carried out with the MRC Charlevoix-East and the other municipalities of the MRC;

A senior friendly municipality aims to counter ageism, adapts its policies, services and structures, acts in a holistic and integrated way, encourages the participation of seniors and relies on consultation and mobilization of the entire community.

As part of this approach, the municipality conducted a survey of seniors in its territory in regards to their needs in various areas (transportation, safety, recreation, housing, etc.);

The City of La Malbaie also held a public consultation on seniors' policy and its action plan on December 3, 2014;

Origin of the Process:

In 2007, a major public consultation on the needs of seniors was conducted by the Government of Québec and the Secrétariat aux aînés. Due to the marked aging of Québec’s population and the needs that are becoming more present for them, it has been found that the implementation of a comprehensive approach to the consideration of seniors was necessary. It has been renamed the Municipalité Amie des Aînés) (MADA).

In 2008, the MRC Charlevoix-Est adopted its very first family policy. It targeted all members of a family unit. Five years later, the desire of the council of mayors of the MRC to clarify this policy in order to develop a specific component for the elderly has proved to be very punctual. Because of the growing importance of senior’s demography due to increased life expectancy, the arrival of baby boomers at the age of 65 and over, decreasing birth rates and the exodus of young people, the council voted for the adoption of the MADA approach.

The City of La Malbaie joined this collective initiative bringing together all the municipalities of the MRC.

Description of the Approach:

The MADA approach aims to consider and integrate seniors in all spheres of community living and to encourage their active aging through their participation in social, recreational and community life. It is also a guide to adapting municipal and regional structures to particular situations and needs of seniors. These needs may be housing, transportation, outdoor spaces and home and community services, to name just a few.

Seniors Policy of the City of La Malbaie

Senior Citizens' Policy of the MRC Charlevoix-Est

Social Contract for all Seniors in Québec

Issues affecting seniors are fundamental to our society and the City of La Malbaie believes that it is of great importance to realize that we all have a responsibility to commit ourselves to ensuring an adequate quality of life for seniors.

The Réseau FADOQ calls on its citizens to conclude a social contract with seniors.

This contract must, on the one hand, commit the government to seniors, but on the other hand, that all civil society feels challenged by this issue;

It must also reflect the commitment of the City of La Malbaie to reflect on the impact of our own citizens' decisions on the quality of life of our seniors;

In addition, the social contract means adherence to the principle that a society that values ​​the just treatment of its older generations protects the wider public interest;

The social contract is a first action of the Réseau FADOQ to launch a vast national debate around the concept of quality of life. The latter is based on four fundamental principles: health, well-being, security and belonging;

By signing the social contract, the City of La Malbaie is committed to:

1. Anticipate the impact on the quality of life of seniors in all our decisions, practices, management choices and relationships, and ensure that our actions promote the maintenance of an adequate quality of life for all seniors current and future;

2. Respect the moral and physical integrity of seniors in all our actions;

3. Recognize our collective responsibility towards seniors to ensure they have adequate access to all the services needed in regards to their health, safety, well-being and sense of community membership;

4. Communicate, mobilize, claim, request, to the extent of our abilities, that all civil society stakeholders implement the necessary actions to ensure an adequate quality of life for seniors.

To view the full document click here - Social Contract

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