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Fund Raising Booth

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The purpose of this policy is to clearly define and oversee the entire evaluation process for funding booths submitted to the Recreation and Cultural Services Department of the City of La Malbaie, taking into account the direction taken over the years.


To be awarded a funding booth, any organization must make a written request to the Director of Recreation and Culture Services;

The granting of a funding booth must respect the principles of the donation policy of the City of La Malbaie;

The Director of the Recreation and Culture Department is responsible for applying this policy in a fair and equitable manner for each request, according to the orientations and principles of the donation policy of the City of La Malbaie;

The profits collected must have as their objective to serve as a lever of development and to be of obvious interest to the community of the City of La Malbaie according to the following guiding principles:

Promote the development of organizations working in recreation and culture on the territory of the City;

Promote the development of sustainable recreation and culture infrastructures;

Help the start versus the recurrence of projects in recreation and culture;

Help counter the effects of poverty.


3.1 Director of the Leisure and Culture Department: Refers to the person occupying the position of Director of the Leisure and Culture Department of the City of La Malbaie.

3.2 Funding Booth: Refers to any food kiosk, bar, promotional items on an event site organized by the Recreation and Culture Department.

3.3 City Council: Refers to the members of the City Council of the City of La Malbaie.

3.4 Analysis Committee: Refers to the committee responsible for analyzing the eligibility of grant applications in accordance with the principles set out in section 2 of this policy. This committee is made up of the following persons: Dominic Marier, Sebastien Tremblay, Sylvain Harvey and a municipal councilor

3.5 Organization Refers to the organization applying for a funding booth

3.6 Major Event Designates an event that, in the opinion of the Director of Recreation and Culture, will involve more than 500 participants


Look for fairness in the allocation of booths;

Promote a better evaluation of applications.

Look for fairness in the allocation of booths;

Promote a better evaluation of applications.


The Director of the Leisure and Culture Department of the City of La Malbaie determines the booths to be provided according to the service's programming in order to maximize the cultural, sports, social and economic development of the City's organizations;

According to the Service's cultural and sports programming, the evaluation committee awards one or more funding booths in accordance with its needs and the capacity of organizations that have applied to hold a booth at a major event;

In the event that several organizations are qualified for a specific event, a draw will be held.


Any request for a funding booth to be submitted for study must be clearly completed with the form appearing in Appendix 1, available at the Sports Complex, at the Town Hall and on the website. the city of La Malbaie;

The organization must obtain the necessary permits and comply with the regulations in force;

The organization must take care of its supply;

The Recreation and Culture Department provides the infrastructure (table, marquee, refrigerator, etc.) required for the booth;

The organization must provide a deposit of $ 200 which will become its cash register;

The analysis committee submits to the municipal council the booth awards during the weekly working sessions.

The organization must provide within 30 days of the event a financial statement (income and expenses) showing the profits made with the booth and the confirmation of the use of the funds collected (a form will be forwarded for this purpose)


Any donation request will be analyzed according to the following criteria: Eligibility of the applicant organization, the type of activity or project, the projected use of the financial assistance received, the contribution of the organization to improve the activity and to promote the offer, the spin-offs or the visibility for the City and the relevance of the request to act concretely in recreation and culture in the area.


Applications with the highest number of points will be awarded a major event funding booth within the organization's capacity;

In the event of a tie, the committee will favor the alternation of the presence of the organizations during an event

Documents to complete to apply and return no later than May 26, 2017 at noon.

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