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Aquatics Program

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The Recreation and Culture Department offers four swimming lesson sessions at its pool.

Learning to swim is a crucial life skill. Courses are offered from introductory courses to advanced courses for all ages.

For session schedules and more details about registration click here


(4 to 12 months accompanied by a responsible person)

Initiation for infants and their parent or caregiver. To be enrolled at this level, infants must be able to lift their heads unaided. This introductory water course aims to help the infant discover buoyancy, movement, entry into the water, immersion and games in the water. The session includes 10 lessons lasting 27 minutes and the cost is $ 27.


Designed for children from 12 months to 6 years old, preschool classes are available in 3 levels. Accompanied by a parent, children will be introduced to the aquatic environment and gradually develop swimming skills.

Preschool 1

(12 to 30 months accompanied by a responsible person)

Toddlers gain confidence by having fun in the water by participating in active water activities and games.

The session includes 10 lessons lasting 27 minutes and the cost is $ 27.

Preschool 2

(30 to 48 months accompanied by a responsible person)

Toddlers learn rhythmic breathing, forward and backward motion (with help), flotation on the stomach and back (with help), as well as entry and exit in the water. The session includes 10 lessons lasting 27 minutes and the cost is $ 27

Preschool 3

(48 months to 6 years accompanied by a responsible person)

Children are becoming more and more autonomous. They learn to flutter and slipping on their stomach and back, as well as the beating their legs on their stomach with a floating object. At the end of the level, children will be able to swim alone over a distance of two meters. The session includes 10 lessons lasting 45 minutes and the cost is $ 55

Swimming program

(For children 6 years and older)

Within the 10 levels, the child will be able to develop the different techniques and styles of swimming, in addition to improving his physical stamina. Registration is based on the mastery of techniques and experience gained. The course is 10 lessons of 50 minutes and the cost is $ 55.

It is always best to have the new swimmer evaluated by a swimming instructor if the child has never taken a class, but here is a general idea of ​​the prerequisites.


Level 1:  6 years old or 5 years old and swim 2 meters alone.

Level 2: Float on your stomach and back, immerse your head and swim 7.5 meters on your stomach and back.

Level 3: Swim 15 meters alone, alternating leg beats with floating object (15 meters).

Level 4: The arms emerge from the water at the crawl and back crawl for a distance of 15 meters. Master the breathing on the side with floating object.

Level 5: 25 meters crawl and back crawl with the arms straight and opposite each other, control the breathing crawl and retrieve an object at the bottom of the pool (4 feet).

Level 6: 50 meters crawl, breathing with 3 strokes. 50 meters back crawl.

Level 7: 100 meters crawl, 100 meters back crawl.

Level 8: Very good crawl and back crawl technique, endurance: 300 meters crawl, legs with breaststroke.

Level 9: Very good technique on crawl and backstroke, endurance: 400 meters crawl, breaststroke.

Level 10: Very good technique on crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. Elementary back. Endurance: 500 meters crawl and 200 meters back.

Baby and Me

Aimed at the new mom (or dad) who wants to get in shape, this course combines business with pleasure by allowing you to take aquafitness while being accompanied by your baby. The latter will be comfortably installed in an aquatic stroller for a most enjoyable moment. That’s 45 minutes of fun with baby!

This course takes place in the deep and shallow part of the pool. * Recommended age: 6 to 18 months *

Adult Swimming Classes

Courses are offered to adults who wish to learn to swim or improve their technique. The session consists of 10 courses lasting 50 minutes and the cost is $ 62.50 or $ 55 for seniors 55 years of age and older, retired.


This course is for people who cannot swim or feel insecure in the water. You will learn basic floatation and swimming techniques.


This course is focused on developing a complete and effective swimming style. You learn to coordinate leg and arm movement for the crawl and backstroke and to be able to integrate regular breathing.

Supervised Lengths and Style Enhancement

These are structured classes that will suit intermediate and advanced swimmer levels. Sessions are a great way to develop your cardio and tone up your muscles. The coach’s goal is to improve your fitness and improve your swimming skills. This course is also recommended in preparation for a triathlon.

For course schedule and registration periods, click here.

Rescue Course

Lifesaving Society Program

Once or twice a year, all courses in the Lifesaving Society program are given to become a lifeguard. For the schedule, call 418-665-3747 ext. 5240.

Bronze Medal

Prepares the candidate to deal with complex situations of aquatic rescue. Imposed tests develop physical condition along with the accuracy of decisions and judgment. An evaluation of the prerequisites will be required. Required: be 13 years old and have passed the Junior 10 level.

Bronze Cross

Highlights what distinguishes rescue from surveillance, principles of emergency procedures, teamwork and the use of specialized equipment. Required: 14 years old, bronze medal and junior resuscitation.

National Lifeguard

Training program for lifeguards who are competent and able to assume the supervision and responsibilities related to the safety and proper functioning of a swimming pool. Required: age 16, bronze cross and senior resuscitation.

* Rescue programs take place if the number of participants is sufficient.

Aquafitness and Aquajogging

Each session consists of 10 courses lasting 55 minutes, one to three times a week, and the cost varies from $55 to $187.50.


With the sound of motivating music, this class offers cardiovascular training, muscle toning exercises, flexibility and relaxation.

Because water has different pressure variables than air, it offers a natural resistance that allows you to work several muscles simultaneously in the same movement, while protecting the joints.


With a flotation belt, this course in deep water incorporates sequences of active exercises, muscle and cardiovascular. Perfect for those who want an intense workout without the impact on their joints.

Schedule (mettre horaire)

For session schedules and more details about registration click here

Swim Club

The Rafales Swimming Club

(September to April)

In collaboration with l’École secondaire du Plateau, the club is aimed at all young people who want to train and develop their full potential through the practice of competitive swimming. This is a great team experience where each swimmer develops at their own pace as they train twice a week.

Note that there is no minimum age but you must be able to swim continuously. (Level 6-7).

The club aims to promote the development and practice of swimming and thus contribute to the well-being of the population of La Malbaie.

To register, call 418-665-3747 ext. 3142 or 5240.