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Events and Cultural Activities

Our libraries offer a series of events each year. Whether for children’s get-togethers with story time, the Petites Bedaines, the summer reading club or adult events, the film club or the book club, everyone can find something creative to do.

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Bibliothèque Laure-Conan

The Bibliothèque Laure-Conan is located on Saint-Etienne Street, close to primary schools and other municipal services.

Since its debut in 1962, the library's mission has been to promote a taste for reading in the community by making available to the public books, periodicals and any other document that may be of interest to users. In addition, by carrying out cultural activities and events, it contributes to the cultural development of the area.

Everyone can find books in the library that meet their needs, whether reference materials, books on various subjects, novels or children's literature. Many periodicals, both international and from Québec, can also be borrowed. A collection of compact discs and films is available for music lovers and film buffs.

Computers and Internet access is also available in the adult and children area, as well as wireless internet access.

Because Charlevoix is ​​a very popular resort area, it is possible for people who stay here to subscribe to the library and, thus, continue indulging in their favorite reading pastime. (For fees, see the subscription policy)

Business hours:

From February 12 to June 10



Bibliothèque Laure-Conan (Library)


12:00 to 19:00

Bibliothèque Laure-Conan


12:00 to 19:00

Bibliothèque Laure-Conan


12:00 to 19:00

Bibliothèque Laure-Conan


From 10:00 to 18:00

Bibliothèque Laure-Conan


From 10:00 to 16:00

Bibliothèque Laure-Conan


From 10:00 to 16:00

Bibliothèque Laure-Conan


Bibliothèque l’Érudit

Biblio at l'Érudit (Saint-Fidèle Sector)

2752 Malcolm Fraser

La Malbaie (Québec) G5A 2J1

Phone: (418) 665-3747 ext. 5288

Information: email

Business Hours:

From February 12 to June 10


From 17:00 to 20:00

Saturday 09:00 to 12:00


On Line Library Catalogue

To view the online library catalog and your file, CLICK HERE.

For more information on the use of the online catalog, click here.

If you have any questions, you can contact the library staff during business hours at 418-665-3747 ext. 5283.

Our Collection

Collection Development

At any time, users can complete a purchase suggestion form for a document that the library does not have and that interests them. Each application will be evaluated and a follow-up will be done with the applicant if the document is refused. Any user can contribute to the development and enrichment of the collection; such a partnership allows for the development of a rich and diversified collection that meets the needs of the clientele and corresponds to his interests

To learn about the Abbreviated Collections Development Policy, click here.

Section Descriptions

The Bibliothèque Laure-Conan and Biblio Chez l'Érudit provide its users with more than 30,000 documents. These figures are constantly evolving, with the collection growing with approximately 2000 documents each year.


Current Exihibits



To Submit a Proposition

As part of the exhibitions presented at the Bibliothèque Laure-Conan, the Leisure and Culture Department offers local artists the opportunity to exhibit at the Espace culturel or in the library for smaller exhibits.

Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer or artist from any other discipline, you are invited to submit your application at any time by completing the application form available below.

To submit your application complete this form.


Subscription and Borrowing Policies


1.1 Requirements: To be able to borrow documents from the Library, you must hold a valid membership card.

1.2 Procedures: To obtain a membership card, you must present a proof of identity with date of birth (eg driver's license, health insurance card, birth certificate) as well as a recognized proof of address (eg driver's license, current account or other official correspondence dated). Minor children who do not have proof of a recognized address must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians to subscribe and it is the proof of address of the latter which will be required.

1.3 Membership Card: This card is personal and non-transferable and will be required for any loan or renewal of documents as well as for the use of an Internet station. The card remains the property of the Library and may be canceled or repossessed at any time. Replacement fees and ID will be required for any lost, stolen or damaged cards. To view the pricing grid, click here.

1.4 Duration of the membership: Depending on the type of subscription chosen, the duration can vary between three years, one year or 6 months.

1.5 Renewal: To renew the membership, the subscriber must present proof of recognized address and his subscription card (if he does not have his card, he must provide an ID).

1.6 Lost or stolen card: The subscriber who loses his card, in any way whatsoever, must immediately inform the Library, in order to block any illegal use of this card.

1.7 Change of address: The subscriber must present himself to the Library with proof of his new address.

1.8 Proxy: A subscriber may authorize another person to borrow documents on his behalf due to restricted mobility. A form designed for this purpose will be provided upon request.


Subscription Type Cost Duration

Adult Subscriptions

Resident of La Malbaie Free 3 years

Non-resident $ 40 1 year

Seasonal non-resident $ 25 6 months

Professor working in the territory of La Malbaie Free 1 year

Student at the Centre d’études collégiales en Charlevoix, non-resident of La Malbaie Free 1 year

Youth Subscriptions

Young resident of La Malbaie (0 to 12 years inclusive) Free 3 years

Teenager resident of La Malbaie (13 to 18 years old) Free 3 years

Non-resident (0 to 17 years old) Free 3 years old

Student at the Centre d’études collégiales en Charlevoix non-resident of La Malbaie Free 1 year

Subscriptions from organizations

 Organizations Free 1 year


2.1 The maximum number of documents a subscriber may borrow is ten (10). This includes books, audio books, comics and periodicals (except the last issue). This number is limited to five (5) for adult new issues, compact discs and DVDs. There is a rental fee only for CDs and DVDs ($ 2). * The library disclaims any liability for damage resulting from the use of a borrowed or rented document.

2.2 Loans are valid for a period of three (3) weeks, with the exception of adult DVDs which can only be borrowed for the duration of one (1) week. In addition, all documents can be renewed twice (except Interlibrary Loans and Youth DVDs). A renewal can be done in person, via the online catalog or by phone (except documents that have a related fee). However, when a document is booked by another user or it is late, the renewal cannot be granted.

2 The maximum number of reservations per subscriber is limited to three (3).

2.4 Delays are subjected to a fine of $ 0.30 per document, per working day, up to a maximum of $15 per document. For CDs and DVDs, late fees are $ 0.50 per document, per business day, up to a maximum of $15 per document.

2.5 The signatory is responsible for all documents borrowed with his card, regardless of who borrows or uses the documents. When a document is lost or returned in a state that renders it unrecoverable, the costs incurred by the library to replace it will be required. To view the pricing grid, click here.

2.6 When a subscriber's file has a charge of $10 or more, the right to borrow is suspended.

3 The maximum number of reservations per subscriber is limited to three (3).

Donation Policy

The library accepts book donations according to the following criteria. A release form will be given to you for signature.

What types of books can I give?

The books given must be in very good condition (no highlighting or erasure, intact covers, no moisture or smell);

Not accepted: journals, newspapers, encyclopedia, school books, collection of hard cover books without titles or summaries and books in other languages.

When can I donate?

Donations are accepted during the opening hours of the library.

What if I have several books to give?

When donating more than seventy-five (75) books, the library must first be phoned to ensure that space and resources are available to receive and process the donation. Contact Andréa Saint-Pierre at 665-3747, extension 5282.

Can I give other types of documents?

The library, under the same conditions mentioned above, accepts donations of compact discs and DVD movies;

Are not accepted: puzzles, board games, audio cassettes, VHS tapes and other documents mentioned in the first point.

Multifunction Rooms

Espace culturel

The Espace culturel of the Bibliothèque Laure-Conan hosts exhibits throughout the year. You can visit them according to the schedule of the library.

Several cultural events also take place there. For the schedule, click here.

You can also settle there freely to read a book or have your work done there.

The Red Room

Work room for up to 10 people, equipped with projector and screen

Red Room Usage Policy

Non-profit Organizations or Private companies for a meeting, an interview, etc.

Must book in advance and are subject to the city's policy. The reservation is made at the Sports Complex at 418-665-3747 ext. 5240

Student or Individual

Can book at least 24 hours in advance

Could be 2 occupants in the room

Reservations will be made directly at the loan counter

Note: The reservation must take place during the opening hours of the library.

Group of people (2-7 people)

Can book at least 72 hours in advance

The Library reserves the right to cancel the reservation 24 hours in advance for a valid reason.

Reservations will be made directly at the loan counter

Note: The reservation must take place during the opening hours of the library.


Interlibrary Loans

If a document (novel, documentary, magazine, compact disc or DVD) is available at any of our branches, it is possible for a user to have it transferred to the branch of their choice. Inquire at the service desk.

One Newborn, One Book

Are you a parent of a child aged one year old or younger? Subscribe to the public library and receive a baby-reader kit containing a book, a magazine, reading cards and other great surprises.

Proof of the child's date of birth must be provided (birth certificate, health card, etc.)

Educational Games

The Bibliothèque Laure-Conan has a collection of educational games for young people. The games are available on site, to the delight of the smallest participant to the oldest.

To view the catalog, click here.


It is possible to access a computer station at our two branches. A wireless connection is also available at the library.

Internet access is free for library subscribers upon presentation of their card. Rate for non-subscribers: click here.

NOTE: Computer and wireless users must use computers independently. No computer equipment is provided.

Photocopying / Fax / Scan

The Laure-Conan branch offers the possibility of photocopying excerpts from certain documents for personal purposes and in compliance with copyright laws. It is also possible to print and scan documents. To view the pricing grid, click here.

Specific Interlibrary Loans

Sometimes a suggestion of purchase is not retained when it does not meet the Collection Development Policy. It is also possible that a requested document is no longer available in bookstores. This system allows the Bibliothèque Laure-Conan to borrow books from certain Québec libraries and lend them to its users. The duration of the loan is limited to 3 weeks from the date of receipt of the document and renewal is not allowed. Only books and video documentaries can be borrowed. Inquire at the service desk.